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If you feel that by sharing your success stories you would like to motivate other users, send us your weight loss story to, briefly describing your experience how much time, how much weight you lost, with before and after pictures (how much calories you ate, how you handled weight loss plateus). We also want to know what has happened to you (what difficulties you encountered, how did you get through them, what motivated you, did you experience any internal change, or anything else you would like to share).
I'm Tamas, 34 years old. In my childhood I was athletic, but I was never a thin creature, but I was always the most muscular squirrel ... Regular exercise in high school and college dropped well, but the food was not reduced and the pounds started to grow nicely. Over the years, I've been testing more hit sluts, and I've been trying to lose weight with several moves but I did not bring any breakthrough results. Then I read more about calorie counting and in February 2017 I decided to try it because it should work. At that time my weight was 111 kg and the balance showed 33% of body fat. At first I set my daily calories so that I would be 90 kilos by 31 August 2017, giving me a daily frame of between 2000 and 2300 kcal, depending on the daily weight and movement. Then I read and realized that I would not be thin and soft, but muscular, so I started to pay great attention to the macros as well as to the ones I take. At the moment, besides my weekly movement, I eat the same fixed 2100 kcal every day, 34% f. 36% 30 pcs. because it seems to tolerate fat better than carbohydrate. Today's weight was 88.6 kg with 17.3% body fat, but I use this for comparison. My further goal is to reach body fat around 10%, then all the cubes will have to look at my belly even in the unconscious state! ;)

A few words about my workout, which helps greatly in getting the shape. I'm just doing my own weight training, a pulling bar and a push for all my tools. Weekly 4 days I train about 30-40 minutes which is only gain. At first, I had a lot of cardiovascular disease, but now only 2-3 times a week for up to half an hour of HIIT. This is sometimes cycling, running, or jumping. In addition, I climb a wall one day a week.

I also use the calorie base to monitor calories or macros with the above settings. The reduced amount of calories I had was weird at the beginning, but today I can easily follow the set goals, which is largely due to our reform nutrition. My wife is vegetarian, so my diet is mostly meatless, but I rarely add meals with meat. Many times you can fit a healthier cake or ice cream or fruit. Not regularly but occasionally we have cheated meals on weekends, or when we go to a party, I do not even notice the calories.

From the beginning, I changed my 38-40 trousers to 32, my XL jackets / t-shirts to M. It was "unfortunately" almost replacing the whole clothes line, but this is the sacrifice that I have always wanted to do at any time.

Overall I feel good in my skin, I'm no longer ashamed of the beach, or I'm afraid that when my sweater is pulled out my belly out of the shirt. I'm stronger from week to week than the sight, even during training / bracing.
I'm Rita, 32 years old 174 cm tall. In August 2016, the balance showed 105.8 kg. I did not feel well, I found that I can not look at this at 32 and I decided to lose weight.
The first picks started pretty well down. I did not eat a daily limit, I did not know how to play because of my size, so by the end of September I managed to lose 10 kg by controlling kcal intake and by the end of the second month I was already 17 kg. He was very motivated that I could buy boots, prettier, smaller clothes ... well, and of course I got a lot of praise.

At the beginning of December I lost to 80 kg, then the time of movement came. I went to TRX two times a week, so my muscle mass started to grow nicely. Every morning I stood on balance, with the reverse ratio of muscle% and body fat%. Of course, I was also paying attention to meals: 1200kcal, with lots of protein.
There were days when I was a bit cheated and crossed the carbohydrate, grease, kcal frame, but I corrected the following days :) Nameg is sometimes hard to withstand the delicacies I cook / cook :(
Since December, weight loss slowed down - not because of Christmas :) - My muscles grew and I have not had enough of it to go. Since then, I spend about 4 kg a month. At the moment (April 24, 2017) I am 64,8 kg, so far I have been able to deliver 41 kg and I would like to have 4,8 for the 60 kg dream weight. I've been waiting for the summer and the bikini for the first time. :)

I'm a bit confused and I enjoy wearing pretty clothes in my room instead of 48. :) :) :) I became a lot more confident. It is astonishing to think that my 113 cm waist height has now dropped to 76 cm and 50 cm from my 65 cm thigh.

Since I lost my whole life, I grew fatigued, I decided to take care of myself now, and after the goal I will feed with Although it is all over the head and will be a question, it's a bit like my conscience :) If I eat a lot, I'll face the numbers: D: D: D
Thank you very much CalorieBase for helping me!

Hi! I'm Petra. I was always overweight, tried everything I did not have to move, so for years I did not seem to have done anything for weight loss. Inside, however, I suffered a lot and the pounds were growing. In the summer of 2013 I made the first picture of me. I did not like to look at the pictures. I deleted everything I swallowed, so this one picture left me. The picture shows me 164 cm and 93 kg. Then the holidays came when I was deprived of the delicious biscuits and cakes. In December, I suffered painfully 5 pounds. Between the two holidays I found it on the side, with which my willpower and movement (!) Dropped to 75 kg from January 14, 2014 to May 30, 2014. I've always been cycling while I've been. First at low levels and then getting stronger. I could jog for summer too. My calorie intake increased and I ran 2-3 times a week in the field. I kept my weight. Then the new year approached, so I started on Insanity on January 5, 2015. It was difficult for me, so I ate it right there (sometimes a little crime, nasi), but I did pretty well scratch my pounds to 68 pounds. This was again managed by weight training and jogging. So I made up my picture, which I'm 68 kilograms, in June 2016. Unfortunately, since then I got into college and got up 7 kg. So I decided again and this time I want to lose 55 pounds!
Hi! I'm Szandi. In my lifetime I was a maniacal dieter, I tried everything from booby to wonders. They just made a difference, and then I felt so unbearable that I gave up and started turning to kidding in my desperation, and I managed to get 80 kilograms, and there was something I could not look like a 25-year-old. As a New Year's vow, I've put it to you if it breaks when I break I'll lose weight. On January 4th I made it into the diet. I started by having my breakfast cut off and the coffee. Instead, I ate oatmeal with bananas and chia seeds. Then I put my lunch portion down to the previous half. And I just drank a protein shake for dinner. In addition, 2-3 liters of water per day. In the first month I was terribly suffering. Then my body changed to this mode. I raised a weeklong 2x1 hour intensive body shaping aerobics and tracked my calorie intake on CalorieBase, which I set at 1200. :) Well, now I'm going to be 67 kg, and I'm going to get the 65 kg. But imagine I set a new goal, the magic 60, or 167 cm. Now I've been 5x athletes a week, 1200 calories with smaller or bigger criminals, but I keep it. Thank you very much CalorieBase :).
Hi, I'm not a man of words, so I'll tell my story briefly :).
I was always a thin kid, but after laying the cigars and the time forward, I grew fat, I did not sow good food ever.
By the end of September 1995, I was 95 kilograms, I had been stinging my stomachs for months, I was drowning, I was sick, I was sick of my lab.
By 97 kg I was at that time determined to lose weight.
First I left the gluten (bread, pastry), I ate less sugar and started to lose weight, more than 1 kg a week went down.
My life turned 180 degrees, lots of vegetables, fruits, and nearly 3 liters of water a day.
After a few weeks, 5 kg went down and stomach pain disappeared, I became so energetic and energetic as I was 18 years of age :).
From day to day, my calorie count was incorporated into my life. At first it was unusual to measure everything, but I got used to it and loved it.
I'm starting to live on a full gluten-free diet and change my life.
In the evening, 1-2 tablespoons of chocolates are slid once a gluten-free cookie once a month.
I started to run in December (15 minutes a day) and from February I started to play (4 times a week).
I did not plan a lot of weight loss, I just wanted to deliver 5 to 10 pounds, compared to 23 kg.
My daily level is 1500-2390 kcal, I calculate body weight, fat and BMI per week.

October 5 97 kg
December 16 85 kg
January 12 78 kg
February 07, 75 kg
March 23 75 kg
April 21 74 kg

Hi! I am Dóri. For nearly two years, I put down the cigarette with which I started an "avalanche". This resulted in a 15 kg weight gain. I've tried a lot of things. Then I found CalorieBase. When I started I was 84 kg and 173 cm. The program is now 69 kilograms (4 months passed) and the limit is the starry sky :). I recommend it to everyone! It worked for me. Thanks guys! And those who stand for him now, I would say, "Hold on!" Never give up !!!
I'm 21 years old, and since I knew I was overweight. Of course I always wanted to be leaner, I often started to lose weight, and here's the keyword: KURRA, that is, something for a while, which once disappears and goes back to the old way of life, and then the big-banged kicks are back soon. The initial enthusiasm left me somewhat below and then I missed the results with the lack of results. DE came to my point in my life when I received the feedback from that man who was deeply concerned about whom I might most like. She did not want to hurt or hurt me, but for weeks I felt an inexpressible anger for rubbing her under my nose that I was fat. He was right. Today, I'm grateful to him, because that was the stroke that has given me some enthusiasm for months, and this enthusiasm is still unbroken to this day. Over the course of 2-3 months, I achieved results that generated positive feedback everywhere. This gave me more strength and determination, I had dieting, calories, and I spent half an hour with dumbbells every day, sometimes a little bike ride or a walk. I've always had 1 rest day this week. My own insight is that I'm not a dietitian, but a way of life that is not something that lasts for a while, and that's the key, because someone who returns to pre-dieting is going to lose weight! I'm currently 67 kg, months before I was 80 kg. At present, muscle building is a goal, I feel like my life has changed. A good advice for all those who want to lose weight: if you can not resist something and crime, do not be in it now that you are going to lose your diet ... NO! go beyond your "sins" and continue with what you started, because you know how to do it, everybody knows how to do it, you just have to WANT TO!

There were days when it was very difficult to give up but I thought about how it felt when I was cut to my eyes to be fat. In that case I was reading successors as well, so I re-energized. I spent 13 kg in 4 months.
My daily calorie intake ranged between 1000-1200. I am a vegetarian long enough to avoid the fried foods in the oil, but I always eat it all the time, sometimes even if I wish. But I always pay attention to keeping the 1200th kcal intake.
I was born with lucky genetic features, and I was a pretty and relatively thin girl. I liked to sneeze, eat good, the less to move, but my body has resisted drastic gains for a long time. There is, however, no wonder-genetics. I worked hard on it, sooner or later the weight gain. At the end of high school I was at the "peak" with 54 pounds, then I was 30 pounds with lots of pizzas and pork, later I was 15 pounds, until I finally moved to England, where local cuisine helped "reach" by plus 18 until half a year under. At this point I could not help but realize how much I became, all the clothes were tight, I always felt uncomfortable, I hated shooting and began to think that there is no way back, I will grow fater and thicker until I get a gurantee shape.
Over the years, I have tried all sorts of fashionable slimming tips, cabbage soup, virgin tea, strawberry, etc. as I sometimes resorted to sports, but these experiments with a bachelor's duration have brought a maximum instantaneous result. Finally, I came to the problem of dealing with this non-campaign-like marvels and approaching "scientifically". The fattening that goes in and how much goes, ergo will help if less goes. But how much is it? I searched, counted how much calories, I noticed, planned for a few days, what and how much I would eat on that basis. Then I remembered, okay, how little, but how much should I eat? That's when the Base came to me. From here I had a lot easier business, I did not have to hunt each and every stock one by one, a ready system waiting. I set my target, read what it was, started to add my recipes, talk to forum members, and a week later - two kilos harder ... Fortunately, I continued, hoping this was just an anomaly and it proved to be. Just a week later I was as much again as I was in the beginning, and from there it was less than a pound a week. I did not have as much help as I found on the board today, but I'm lucky and sober, so I followed pretty much what we would suggest today to a beginner: we eat the calories around our BMR and they'll get pounds down. Only to the end of weight loss I managed to get somewhat under that, because I did not know that this was not good. It was ten pounds later that was a bit of a break, but then everything went back like a joke, and 16 pounds went between May and November. Not suffering, not clothed. Of course, he had to say 90% of the nudity, but seeing how many calories he had in a bag of chips did not attract too much ... But I ate delicious, learned to cook calories, use better ingredients, eat more consciousness. I felt good, again pretty, just two kilos to the goal.
Of course, he would have liked to do sports, so I could have achieved even better results, but I do not really know - or want - to overcome my innate laziness. There was no movement on the palette at all, except for one day a week when I made huge shopping circles, walking around with a backpack for 5-8 hours.
Then came a Hungarian intermezzo for a few months, looking for new jobs, new love, old friends, old habits. At first I was trying to insist on mating and watching, but soon I gave up, I set aside, and then we will deal again ... And if we do not measure it, then only a little bit of it can fit a little, exceptionally. For a couple of months, the pounds returned slowly, and in a year there were ten. At this point I began to recalculate, keeping the calories strictly above BMR. Weight loss was also started, but it was mournfully slow. The previous half pounds / week, instead of sections, were long when nothing was done, then it was small, a few days later, then half again, again nothing again ... On average, 25 deks a week went down, but I felt less due to many fluctuations. I do not know what really meant the difference compared to the previous one, but I knew the method worked, I had time, I was persuaded and hooked up as much as I could. It was not easy with this snail bull, but either it is, or I give it to weight, so I kept myself for months, months and months.
I started to move a little, I get stuck a few times a week on a paddle, a running and a treadmill. That's enough for me, but I can expect to keep that extra pounds out.
About 10 months later I'm 54 kilos again. My height was as high as I was at 18, my hips were even smaller. Of course, my sporty stuff did not, there is still a small fat pillow here, a small one there. But if you do not sport, do not wait any longer. The muscle does not grow in the diet.
I do not intend to stop counting again, so I feel the easiest way to stay as long as I feel good. This does not mean that it does not make some effort, but much less than a continuous yogurt if it came again ideally and then panic. From learning from previous experience, I always think I always eat, I spend about five minutes a day for measurement, planning, and I say no to nipple as small clothes.
For a week now, "I hold my weight," I slowly raise my calories to find the amount that I have left to achieve. All in numbers meant that I lost a total of 18 pounds, 9 cm in breast augmentation, 17 in waist, 16 in hips and 2 in size. For a long time, I only measured these, for example. I can not figure out the shape of my head, but I think the pictures speak for themselves ...
Everyone has a lot of success who wants to lose weight, and as a counsel to be able to set the target wisely, ask for help on the board, read it, learn how it works and be patient.

The story of my weight loss started at a September trip. I had to climb up a hill where I got sick, my heart was 200 and my blood pressure around 200. I was a bit scared because I was overweight (110 kg), but I did not really have any physical discomfort. I work as a nurse, after the arrhythmia I had to take a medicine and the doctor required me to lose one pound a week. One of my patients said he spent 40kg with the CalorieBase :). Well, I went to the site and registered myself. I do not say I kept driving, but I wrote many times about the meals and the movements I had on average 1200 calories a day. It was a great deal to see how much calories I took. I bought a gym, I got a personal trainer and started to lose weight. As the months passed and I was getting more and more positive feedback came, it was a great feeling. I knew my daughter would have a wedding, so I set a goal to lose 70kg. It was my wedding this weekend and I managed to reach the goal. 22 months -40kg, the initial 48 dress sizes today 38. I enjoy it so much that I can buy pretty clothes. The real task now is to keep weight and to blend my body a bit.
There were torpedoes, it did not last for months, but it was necessary to keep it in this case. I'm telling everyone not to give up, to be persistent, to have a goal in front and it will succeed !!! Ja and I could leave the medicine in half a year. :)

From a obese baby I became a obese teenager and an obese mother. My whole life was about unsuccessful dieting, the psychological misery of fat. I spent the 40 on 21 August 2014. On the 1st of January, I was last tired of New Year's delights, and I calculated that I had 230 days for my 40th birthday. :) I gave myself so much time to learn how to think and take responsibility for my own life in an adult way. I knew CaloriBase from my previous attempts, but it was a great help before, but the persistence was lacking.

On January 2, 2014, at 6 o'clock, the balance was 148.6 kg. Of course, I wanted to drop the 50 pounds in 8 months. I confess I did not succeed. Just 2 pounds a week ... I'm not saying it's an impossible goal, but I wanted to have a lasting result. You know, getting to grown up at the age of 40;)

My daily dose of 1,500 calories and 1.5 hours of sports every day. Or a bicycle or a treadmill. I only let this happen when we started the roof change in summer and I was an auxiliary worker. ;)

My 40th birthday showed me 110 kilos. But I think something crossed my mind because I could not stop thinking about the end of summer.

However, weight loss has almost stopped. It did not go down to 105 kg below Christmas. Here a bit (well, really) I broke. December 24, 2014 and January 2, 2015 I took 10 pounds: O On January 2, I was a woman of 115 pounds. There was another spiritual balance. Really? Am I so weak? All the world's help and support is mine ... My mom is cooking for me ... I just have to defeat my own devil ... and so much? Why him? Seriously? From 148.6 to 115 ... and was this all for nothing?

The heavenly ones helped. :) You've been looking at me for a sport I think I can tell you right now I'm finally getting it out of the pit. It's about kettlebell. I just love to do it. I can not wait for the evening. Every day, 1.5 hours of gymnastics, once a week with a trainer, and still 1500 calories. The pounds jump, and I'm getting stronger, healthier, and I LOVE. I was 98.3 kg this morning. :) For the first time since my teenage years, under 100 pounds. :) I can not walk slowly either! :) I would like to dance all day! :) And I'm very grateful to everyone who helped me. And it's just spring now! Everyone is coming! Get out, move, dance, enjoy life, and do not have to starve ... I never thought I'd say this once, but I'm the evidence myself.

My only advice is if someone wants to get on the road ... do not want it at all costs. Just listen. A tiny little signal ... a click in the brain, a tiny little wave, a breeze that triggers it. And if it comes, go with it NOW! Do not hesitate for a moment, let go of your head, be grateful for every little achievement and keep up with our wave. :) I'm sending one, you can get started! ;)

And one more thing! I guess you do not have to look for a companion of people with similar problems who are just like you wrongfully in the first few days. Search for healthy sportsmen, see, bring, and they will not come in, sorry for each other in a cookie game. ;)

First of all, I'm delighted to find the page, I got a lot of help with using it.
I started lifestyle change on 25.04.2014.
I eat 1,200 calories a day, of course there are some swings: D, but I think that's enough.
So far (January), I've been able to lose 40 kg from 147.7 kilograms to 107 kilograms.
We still have 25 kg: D!
But I know it will succeed.

Hi! In the first place, it is worth knowing that I have a zero willpower like many others, I think, it can be familiar. I have tried many ways, but I have not managed to achieve lasting results. On January 1, 2014, I promised to lose weight, even without specific goals. I started to "not eat", but that did not come naturally. I just heard about calories until I knew what I did not even care about. Then somewhere I read that calories have practically "quantified" the coffee. Then, one or one and a half hours of learning a day, not only calories, but the physiological effect of the various dishes, the importance of sport, and almost unnoticed, came out with a perfect diet, a lifestyle that was additive-free and nothing in it. Thanks to you! The fact that a website with such a database for your energy is added to yours is just the simplest thing if you have someone over the days and tell you when, how much you can eat. I would just like to note that my dieting was not free of "criminal" weekends, but I was able to keep it all right. Obviously, if they were not, I would not be here, but I also learned patience. :) Even the picture on the picture is not final, but the change is so spectacular now that I feel compelled to share. In my studies, I've studied the theory of muscle mass gain, I'm about to start a weight gain diet sooner, I will work harder and calculate my calories on this website. It soon became clear to me that it was not only perfect for weight loss but also for growth.
Thank you for helping me to take my 180 degree turn!

I have never been such a slim girl, I never cared about how well I look good, I grow up, almost never carried more feminine pieces. Why? Because it was not for me because what I liked about it was not mine and because I was twice as big as I did now.

The story started in February last year. At about 20 I put 115 kg. That was my weight at the time and I loved to eat, I loved the sugar loafs. At that time, I was part of my life who I was most responsible for what I am today. He would not have gone without, since I would not have started on this road. Today I can only be grateful to Him. At the beginning of the time, he did not say what I was thinking about, so he would not be sorry. He watched my soul. She listened to me 100%. Then he once broke and told everything. He opened my eyes so that it was not good for poultry. Although for two months only quarrels and insults went on, he kept on with me and did not leave me for a minute, as he already knew what I did not: that it would be for me to go. He recommended CalorieBase, gave advice and I was always there! Then, besides the calorie count, I made myself train. I started training on a daily basis. From April I started taking it seriously, doing everything in full and it was the result. At the beginning, it was extremely difficult to pay attention to what I eat, how I eat, not to drink high sugar beans, and to lend myself to training. I who almost always avoided the thesis classes, I am now boldly declaring that my exercise has become part of my life. If I'm not training, I'm tense, nerve-like and hysterical. :)

I got through a photoshop with pictures and imagination. I imagined I was walking around in silk dresses, my men would turn around and the person who started on the road would be proud of me. AND SUCCESSFUL!

Although I still have a lot to lose, after a year and three months I declare that thanks to you so far I have been released from 35 kg, with 80 kilograms of 115 kg and just for me.

My story started 1 year ago. I've always envied people who are thin and take what they want, because all the replica watches are on them. Unfortunately, not because I was fat, I was fat.

I decided to lose weight, but it did not go as easily as I thought. I started countless dieting, all of them ended up giving up because all of them were self-torture. What I put in painfully came back twice.

Then, once in a while, I heard from my boyfriend of blasphemy that he was giving up his head and using CalorieBase as "aids". I could not wait to get home and I was looking for it on the net. I registered even that evening, set the goal (with some help, through my pals).

I got a lot of support from my partner because he bought me a one-year-old swimming pool hire so I can get my exercise on a regular basis. I went to the swimming pool three times a week, but I was paying close attention to my diet.

In the first replica watches I completely cut off bread from my meals, instead of eating abridged bread and biscuits, after 6 o'clock I did not eat fruit, vegetables or a cup of coffee. I drank a lot, and I took care of vitamin supplements. After a while I became so accustomed to this type of lifestyle (calorie counting) that I had automatically placed all the food I consumed on the balance.

I have already reached the 57 kg I considered ideal, but I have not left the page because it helps me to keep weight.

I lost 21 kg in one year using CalorieBase!

I've been training for a year and a half, restricting food intake. On the old picture I'm 210 kg, now I'm 95 kg. I used KalóriaBaz for 4 months and helped a lot in both the workout and the meal.
I was 50 leaping all I did as a workout at the very beginning, it is also difficult. Then the runs, the little food and the nicest training came from these! I've been through depression, hunger, and fatigue. Now I'm doing 2-hour training every day (30 mins, 10 mins, 10 mins running, 10 mins weights and 1 hour jogging). My meals are now between 2000 kcal, but 1,200 of them are moving one day. I had used 500 kcals then 1000 kcal and finally 1500 kcalt. As I noticed how much I lost, I raised my calorie intake because I did not see any sense of tightening anymore.

(note: daily calorie intake below 1000-1200 can be dangerous to your body!)
My story started 8 years ago when I stopped sporting. Until then I was very active. I grew stupid at speed and became all kinds of gossips. I also had to put on my shoes with great difficulties and drowning.

Then in November last year - thanks to God - I was diagnosed with a severe, but still reversible disease, which was a prerequisite for healing for a relatively fast weight loss.

Returning to the doctor - determination and motivation already existed - I searched the method on the net when I was there. That's how CalorieBase became the number one help of mine. Set the goal, consistently adhere to my Daily Limit and as much as I could add to it with sport. So I became active again.

My goal was achieved, I became healthy, so that I was cured of all my illnesses, preparing for the Marathon, and the upcoming Balaton crossing.

I have not stopped counting since then, but the goal is to keep my own current weight, which gives me a very comfortable little frame (even after 1 hour of running or 2 hours of swimming). :)

I can only recommend to everyone and recommend the help of CalorieBase.

Everything started in mid-January 2013, on a nice but cold Sunday day. We were having dinner for Mother's Day. My mother-in-law is really good at cooking, but she is cooking one of the worst rice in the world. When the second came, I wondered what to do if I did not eat rice to my flesh, only salad and pickles ?! And I did. Then, by the time I got home, I was thinking what would it be if I had never eaten rice any more ?! By the time I was completely upset, I thought that not only rice, but no potatoes or pasta and bread would not be eaten for main meals. The next day my thoughts were formed so that sometimes I would allow myself a cookie or pastry.
Then I found it on CalorieBase site and how well I did it. Here I discovered that I can keep all the meals of the day. There are correct, recipe-based foods with calorie marking, so you can easily keep track of your daily calories. I was delighted with this because I was able to control myself what kind of food the calorie content and how much of a sport it might have to leak.
With the continuous lead of the table and the self-sustaining lifestyle, I lost 15 pounds in 5 months. So I became 75 pounds instead of 60 pounds. I've kept this weight pretty much since then. Now I took 2.5 kilos, so I found it again and I keep my daily calorie intake again.
Meanwhile, I went to sports last week, I swam. I spent about 3-4 kilometers and in 2013 I successfully completed the Balaton crossing, which I am very proud of.
Anyway, I'm going to be 39 years old this year, working seasons.
All thanks to CalorieBase site, because with my present weight, my body is very satisfied and much has been helped by the many comments and comments of the comments on the site.

I've been an overweight girl all my life, which always caused a problem, but I've never been able to force myself to lose weight properly. I decided in the summer of 2012, after my baby's birth, at the age of 29, that it is time to seriously lose weight. I was 86 kg. 8 months hard, but went down 3 pounds. I almost quit (again) when I found the page, which changed my life! :) In fact, I turned upside down, but my diet was essentially organized, qualitatively and quantitatively. I started to move on a regular basis and it was incredible that I was able to keep track of all the weight loss on my website as an online "weight loss journal"! It was not easy, especially at the beginning, to observe everything (strictly keep the daily allowable limits, maintain the normal protein-carbohydrate-fat ratio, not to neglect the movement), but I learned a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, literally on my own "skin ". And the site was like a personal trainer! I got caught in my head. He did not leave me alone, he was always tickling in my head 24 hours a day and motivated !!! He drove me forward with great power as I saw the results from day to day. Of course, I also had bouts, there were very difficult days and times, but the Base never let me give up. I've lost 17 kilograms of calories over 10 months, and I'm a new person today! Not only did I lose weight, but I gained the knowledge and experience that will endure my life! Thank you CalorieBase!

Last year, alone, I had to say that the round, energetic, muscular weakness is not me. I was 74 kg and I tried to eat my own appetite a few weeks before the test, so I probably would have been 75-76 kg originally, but I was never even that.

At that time I was 54, with plenty of experience, fortunately instinctively stubborn. I knew I had to count, because I followed this method already in 81 when I ran out of street running races with a gram without overweight and great health at 48 pounds. Fortunately, I found the Base soon enough, so I went back to 48 kg again, although my condition is not perfect.

I do not believe in any dietary theory, weight loss or trend. I just try to understand my body's feelings as much as possible.

My 56th birthday was the beginning of my second 56 years.


Hi! I'm Camilla, a 23-year-old college graduate. In my lifetime I was overweight, with my height of 170 cm I had 110 kilos. Most I measured was 111 pounds, but unfortunately I was more than that, but I did not dare to balance. The cause of my overweight was the worst nutrition, the lack of exercise, and the so-called "unhealthy eating".
I always knew I was overweight, because my environment did not forget to remind him, I took it in a million diets, I did it with me, but I did not get any more than 1-2 kilos of weight loss. I once had a 90-day diet with 6 pounds, all in two months. As soon as I left, 12 kg came back. I was very upset and although I did not have the strength to start another sluggish diet, I paid attention to the amount of food I had eaten. Only in that way, in a year (in 2011), I put 7 kilos. This weight loss, however, was not spectacular, I think I was still over a quarter of it.
On November 5, last year, the glass was finally filled. The criticisms of my family, though not intended to hurt me, I was caught up by the terrified gaze of the people on the bus, so as not to ask them about their free space, they made me to say good-bye to my pounds. I remembered spending 7 pounds a year ago, which did not come back, just by eating a little less of the same amount of food I had been eating. I was thinking of following this trail to make my calorie counting. I did not read this method, did not look at forums, just used the google search and the first page that was thrown away under "calorie counting" was I did not mind, I immediately registered and set myself 1 kg of weight per week, which allowed 1300 kcal daily consumption.
My weight proceeded as follows:
2012.nov. 5 -> 103 kg
2012.nov. 28 -> 99.6 kg
2012. dec. 13 ---> 97 kg
2013.jan. 09 ---> 96.3 kg
2013.jan. 22 ---> 92,60 kg
March 2013 08 -> 91,40 kg
March 2013 18 -> 89.7 kg
2013.ápr. 18 -> 89 kg

I did nothing but respect the calorie limit and pay attention to the protein / carbohydrate / fat composition. When I reached 88 pounds, I ran every day as I could. I've eaten a lot of vegetables as salad or steamed, minimum carbohydrate, I have given up on the pastry and bread, instead of making sugar instead of sugar.

May-July 2013: I did a hard physical job, so I could not pay attention. I ate what I was doing, so I kept my weight, I did not lose a decade, but I did not lose it.
On September 19, I started kicking off the school and calorie counting again with 86.3 pounds. Every night I took 30-40 minutes of movement.
09/26/2013 -> 84,2kg
07/10/2013 -> 82,6kg
21/10/2013 -> 81,1kg
29/10/2013 -> 79,1kg
15/11/2013 -> 78,9kg
24/11/2013 -> 77,4kg
29/11/2013 -> 77,0kg

Currently I'm 76,7 kg of 111. According to BMI, I am still overweight, I feel that I have plenty to do but I feel much better in my skin.

I lost a total of 34.3 kilograms. He has never had a single diet either. I'm not saying that two or three pounds did not come up in the holidays, but as soon as I got cold I gave up those extra pounds so quickly. If I have a goal for New Year's Eve and I can lose weight to 75 pounds, I only have 15 pounds of weight. And do you know what? I can not wait! ;)

A little motivation!
June: 105 kg
October: 78 kg
Meanwhile, I ate everything, but only strictly within the Daily Limit calculated by the page.
In November I began to lose weight (I started off from 96 kg), in May I reached 65 kg (170 cm).
When I started, I was riding 4-5x gymnastics for 30-40 minutes a week, next time I was riding 2x1-1.5 hours a week, and I walked a lot. In the spring when it was better, I stopped the bicycle bike and cycled outdoors. Nowadays, there is a horseback ride, I run the morning in the morning and the walk. As the cooler weather comes, I stop running and continue cycling :) So I always do something sport!
I think I have many components to lose weight, but I try to put it in the box and highlight the most important things!
In December 2012, in a baby club, some of us decided to make new year's life and slimming! I'll tell you honestly then I did not feel strong yet, but I got the momentum of the others.
Then came January 1, and it should have started, but it's about. It did not really go for 2 weeks or just the way it was! My other comrades started dieting a diary, so I thought I would open one of course!
This was the first serious step. To me the words described and the fact that others read the lines have become a huge weight. At this point I wanted to answer first, only to them, and then within a short time for me and January 15 was the day when something came in my mind and I respected what I had invented for myself!
Starting values ​​on January 1st:
Weight: 113 kg
Height: 170 cm
Purpose: 70 kg
Set Date: December 24, 2013
I made the diet so that:
- Morning update bread, cold cuts, lots of vegetables, or update wares
- Ten o'clock: I skipped because we're having lunch early for the kids.
- Lunch: Also update. This is what I ordered or still did. If it was something I did not like, or I was getting tired of the menu for summer, then I did home for example: fried chicken, fish, but update with flour and crumbs. Or if we were with relatives, I did not eat a bowl of meat if it could not be solved (eg egg noodles), then I measured my dose in advance.
- Snack: 2in1 coffee and fruit, stronger sport days U1 pudding
- Dinner: Initially a protein shake, but as I started running there was little and then came in or update with bake cooked or sliced ​​vegetables, or scrambled eggs or turnips of course!
- Drink just plain mineral water
I chose this path because I love sweets and bakeries, I knew they would not go without them. The update has all but low ch values.

I ate these meals for about a day. 1200 - 1500 kcal and 100 ch (carbohydrate). This is a great help for

I also tried the cavitation breakdown, I dropped six 6 passes!

The sport was built so that in mid-January I started training at home, every 35 minutes I made Norbi kickbox. Well, the initial 111kg was pretty intense too!
Then, starting mid-February, I started swim weekend, first it was 1 km, then it was 2 km, from June it was a week a week.
I thought I could start running 90 pounds, I'm gonna get it. It was in May. I made this plan through:
I enjoyed and loved running! With the start of the run I ran the tournament, there was 2 swimming and 3 runs a week!
When the run-up was over, I ran 3 km a week for 5 km. This is approx. From 1.5 to 2 months, I lifted approx. 700 meters. Now 8 km goes smoothly!

Whatever sport I had, there was a minimum of 5 occasions per week. In winter, this regularity decreased, but I kept 3 occasions a week!

Well, I'm here now! The pounds were very easy, the average of 1 pound per week by mid-October! And it was not hard, it was full of resignations, so I love updatet.
I eat and drink in CalorieBase, calculate everything on the surface, see how much I can eat that day! I also take sport and bring it up. Very good site, great help !!!
At the beginning of a diet or rather a lifestyle change, I made a plan for myself to see what was to be seen on a scale for seven to seven weeks to reach my goal by the end of the year and to have a normal weight loss rate. I am convinced that detailed design and CalorieBase have been my success! In the table I planned how much I wanted to lose over a period, which I set as a Goal in the Base, which calculated everything for me! I kept my daily calories there, letting myself down in the carbohydrate, letting it go so I decided for myself at 100g / day. After each meal I took what I had eaten and I had enough to eat that day! You would not believe the control of the site! It was also a fact that I had seen in the afternoon that I had a bad time with the calories so I put an unplanned sport on that evening. I was in the frame again!

And yes, I am a pretty rational woman! I have checked the thing! I tracked for a week and now I have a chart for how much I was expected lose according to CalorieBase in a week and how much I actually lost! The result is very surprising, since it is the average of 8 months with a difference of 314 kcal per week !!! That's nothing!!! My Level Is A Bake Cake !! And then consider that whenever I bite into the family's delicacies I will not take it to the side or that as a women's body we work differently for seven to seven days! And yet the data are realistic and the plan and fact run in!
I'm currently 71,7 kg, I thank you for 41 kg and you and me! Even 2 kg is the goal, or to start with the balance, but I've already won !! Thank you CalorieBase!!!

When I started using CalorieBase, it was August 5, 2013. According to the calculator, I fell into an overweight category, which was 87 kilograms (172 cm). I managed to get this 25 kg weight over just 2 years, which I had been experiencing by my stressful lifestyle.
But after the shocking result I began to change my lifestyle, I simply could not afford the many criticisms I received from acquaintances, unknowns, and family members.
Initial successes, however, have inspired me - mostly due to CalorieBase - that motivated me not just by other people's opinions about me.
It is in me that life is really too short to be not lived in a body that we deserve.
How hard was it to start? Yes. How is it worth it all the time? Yes. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome, no doubt, but in order to deliver the given excess weight you need to be WILL and PERSEVERANCE.
At the very beginning I could have been crying for 23 years, that I could not eat anymore because my body was well used to daily calorie intake of 3000 to 4,000 and it was obviously shocking to see that after this huge amount of potatoes, which lasted over 2 years, 1300 -1500. Of course, I had dead spots, and there are still times when I eat more than allowed, but I try to correct them in the next few days with great care and sport. Sport in my weight loss also plays a major role. Since August, 2-3 times a week I go to fat burning and body shaping classes in a fitness room, which is also recorded on the site, so it's easy to trace the weight loss process. Returning to nutrition, I did not follow any diet, I really ate the same, just in much less quantity. If I wanted chocolate, ice cream, pizza or chips, I would. The point was that the calorie intake of these foods should not exceed the limit.
So thank you very much for CalorieBase that you are and hope that my little story will also contribute to a success of someone with icipicit. In my case there are also 5 kg that I would like to get rid of in the next one and a half months, but I will not give up and do not! I wish everyone good luck!

I've been struggling with overweight, high blood pressure and hypertension so I often had to go to a doctor. I had to do 24 hours of blood pressure every six months, and last but not least I did not like the girls, so I decided to do my best to start calculating the calories of my meals I went to gym (30 minutes of running 1.5 hours of mixed exercises) and after the first month things were visible. The calorie count was strange for the first time, but now I'm in. I can only recommend anyone to lose weight. Unfortunately, due to the many activities, I can no longer walk in the gym, but with the help of the diet I still keep my weight and I can still lose weight.
On June 20, 2013, I started with 105 kg.
By August 31, 2013, I managed to lose weight to 82 kg.
I'm happy to finally find a way to do it. Thank you CalorieBase!
My story goes back to the second half of 2011. Then I began to overwhelm the 63kg where it is faster, at a slower pace. It was so good that I reached 95 kg by December 2012. In vain they said earlier that I did not get any more, because I was fat too - I did not deal with it, I did not see myself so horrible. I was faced with Christmas pictures last year that I was fat, there is nothing to make of it. At that time, I was determined that this could not go on. From January 1, 2013 I started my 90 day diet. Why did I choose this? Because big weight can not be conveyed in a short time. Something had to be directed. Something that does not have a very strict rule, but it does hang in hand. There was a female forum page where I could join a diet team who made 90 days and it was a lot to start with. We supported, helped each other and talked about everything. I'd be lying if I said it was easy, it was a barbed wire. The first 2-3 weeks were difficult. Although I've always been confident (mostly carbohydrate), I've cut a drastic hussar cut. In the first week I had a cruel headache of carbohydrate withdrawal and the fact that white flour consumption was very limited (I can almost say it was out of the question). After 6 days, however, there was no lack of sweets, pie kitchens, high carbohydrate intake. Of course, this brain has to be "restored". If we really want change, we can do this as well.
You can only get rid of previous harmful eating habits. If only we want it, it will be good - it will not go.

The hardest thing was to waste the remainder. What the kid left. Or there were the remains of the favorite Kfc chicken wings! The goddamn god! I blew blood while I was throwing it ... it was also a shameful way of exposing a ragged dog ... I got used to it, I was full of energy and started enjoying diet and weight loss. I felt strong again, I am again myself and I realized that I could lose weight again, which filled me with happiness.
Strictly speaking, I spent 90 days using the carbohydrate sun tightly. Down to the end of 20 kg! I really liked it, but there were a few things I felt was not good for me.
I need almost every day protein. On the day of carnage I suffered cruelly because I was always thinking that "What else are I, what does not fatten, etc. The summer passed that I did not know how to go further What should I do How to eat?
In July, someone recommended CalorieBase and I started actively using it. The rate of weight loss had stalled by the middle of the month and I did not understand what the problem was. After the first few days of use, I realized that I was eating too little, which is one of the possible reasons for the stagnation of weight loss. With great difficulty I managed to put the daily calories in my apprenticeship for about a year. From 800 to about 1000-1200.
When I started using 77kg I was.
With the help of The Base I found out how many hidden carbohydrates or fat I have in some foods, so I've also excluded them from my diet. I came across a healthier dining experience I enjoy. I finally like to bake, cook, experiment. I do not eat cold cuts, cans, turnips, refined sugar, white rice, white flour food - just very rarely, in a party. I do not strain the main dishes but thicken with oat bran. Breaded meat can also be made from whole wheat flour in the oven. I found the marmalade, the buckwheat, my day with cinnamon stew - all the foods I completely forgot.
In oil I do not use sunflower, but extra virgin olive or coconut oil, coconut fat for cakes. Sweets and cookies do not have to be totally banished, since if someone likes them, they will miss you after a while. It can be eaten, but rarely, occasionally - if weight loss is the goal.
Many people say that low carbohydrate intake should be to lose weight because it is easier. This does not happen to everyone. If I do not run The Base, I will never get it to me, for example. the ideal value is around 130g per day. If I consume around 80g permanently, weight loss stops.

Back to weight. In January I started with 95kg, I went down to 75kg during a 90-day diet and started to commute my weight, but I tried to keep it around 77-79. With the help of the CalorieBase, I managed to get to 62 from the 77kg in the summer (with a further 2kg going to the goal, and keeping the 60s - of course using The Base).

Exercises: I decided in December last year that I'm going to train ellipsis because the joints are gentle and close to the body is not easy to move. When I started after 2 minutes I said, "Good God!" In the first 1-2 days I did 5 minutes and then I was startled: I can not be so foolish that I give up after 5 minutes! From here I wrote everything in a booklet. What I ate, how much I drank or did not move. How many calories did the machine, speed, pulse, etc. In a few days it turned out I did well. I made 10 minutes at least weekly 3x, then raised every 2-3 minutes every week. What's good is that I wrote: maybe a week later I was overwhelmed and my pulse went up to 160 and I just got sick. Suddenly I started to hurt my head, I was dizzy, I became nauseated and so on. From here, I watched how much the pulse number was no problem and I did not go over it. Somewhere I read that ellipsis trainer 30 minutes a day is recommended, so I got into it. I did this from January to October, then I "dumped" what I had to do before: 10p weightlifting and 20p gymnastics.
Initially I did the ellipse 3 times a week, and then gradually increased until I reached the 6th week. Even the summer 40 degrees did not bother me to play sports. The water was torn from me, but I did - it's only 20 minutes. What's important is liquid consumption. This is what many people like to forget, but fortunately this can be traced back to CalorieBase.

I feel a lot thanks to this surface and I am glad to have been created and maintained because if it was not, it would have been much harder to find my way and it would have been harder to develop the nutrition and shape that I find fit and ideal. Everyone has a different path to the end of their goal, but which is always important: BARY can do it, only believe in it. CalorieBase will help you to avoid getting off the road or coming back to it. I wish you great success and perseverance For everyone to reach their goals!

For a long time, I started in my diary for about a month and I was very happy when I found the pages because it is a great help to me. My method is very simple: I banished from my life everything that we say today is fatten or unhealthy. Only drinking water is only alkaline or detoxifying and green tea. I sometimes get coffee, I can not give up :).
I do not eat any harmful carbohydrates or sugars. I'm trying to keep this. I also do sports three times a week, I'm doing hot iron training, which I really like, proved to me. I started off from 75 kg, now I'm 67, although I do not like to measure it, I think it means nothing, because everything depends on how much muscle is there. Yeah and the protein shake and the amino acid do not stay out of my diet, helping me get rid of the fat and not the muscle.
Although I'm at the beginning of my trip, I hope I can help others give strength and they will also encourage me not to give up.

I would like to inform you that, using your website, I successfully overcome a hardcore diet that I made on the 90-day diet. At the end of the course, I managed to drop 20 kg. Now I continue to lose weight and I'm currently about 96kg, which means I've been releasing a total of 25 kg. I now also run the daily calorific value of the food and accordingly the weight of 95 kg to be reached.

By the way, I also write a diary in which I describe the difficulties I have experienced, ranging from hunger, fatigue, and feelings of sport during the course of my cure. But I'm over it. site helped me a lot. Without that I would not have been able to lose weight.
There are deadlocks in weight loss (there are many) and there are some people who give up here.
I started from 121 kg and got stucked at 107 kg. Weight loss started again after for two weeks (I did not eat less). I exercised the same as before, I waited patiently. Then I got to the balance and it was only 105.5. That was very uplifting!
The same happened at 97 kg, it lasted for about two weeks. Now the scale shows 94 kg.
I try to summarize my story in a couple of lines, though I would not say success because I think I have more to shape myself.
I started drinking from 1.7 kg on July 1st, before eating everything that was good as it went well. Then I found CalorieBase, set up 1200 calories a day and tried to keep it. In the first month it was very difficult, I had to realize that I was able to eat up to 3000 to 3500 calories in front of her. I admit I did not drive my meals daily, but I watched a lot, how much, after a while.
The pounds started to melt me ​​slowly, sometimes I went to the gym, even though I did not take that part seriously. Meanwhile, I read a lot of things about dieting and diet, and I got there, none of them worth anything. I had the idea of ​​not eating something that suddenly raised the blood sugar level, and I combined this with my 1,200 calories. I put down the cigar in September! Before I took it off with a one-and-a-half drum a day, then one day I decided I did not have to, but it hindered my dieting, because I often eat unnecessarily just because it is bad taste of the number, just because it hurts my stomach ... The 3-4 meals a day and minimum 2 liter of liquid is very important, so I had to come up with it. I left white flour, bread, edible oil and sugar. I drink coffee already without sugars, long ago with 3-4 sugars! By mid-October, I lost 14 pounds, and by the end of November I still have 3 pounds, since then I have kept my weight. Now I promised that I would include the move from January :) I would like to put another 4 kilos to get 50 flies, then to be firmer and muscular. I will not give up!!!

I can not be grateful for the site! Finally, something that works and what I feel is that they have been invented.
I attach a picture that I can see from 75 kg to 63 in the last 4 months and the motivation has not gone away! :)
I did not starve, I ate everything, of course, with moderation. I only got the sweets back, but sometimes I did.
Really thank you for this opportunity!
Hi! My whole life was overweight and low. I tried all kinds of methods, but nothing helped me. Finally I found CalorieBase, which helped me to pay attention to my meals and my growth.
I do not deny that weight loss and growth were difficult at first, and on weekends I often gained some wegiht back and lowered a few inches. But thanks to my determination, after a while I realized that my clothes were getting looser and that my ankle would look out of my old trousers. By the end of the fourth month I lost 37 kg with CalorieBase and increased by 33 cm. Thank you CalorieBase!
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