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1. Calculate optimal body weight

Birth Year:
Optimal body weight:
Optimal weight range :

Your optimum weight is xx kg. Keep in mind that the "ideal" body weight does not exist today, according to experts, the feeling of well-being is more important. Therefore, it is better to say that any weight between xx kg and yy kg is right for you. But this is just a guiding information. Below you can set any weight goal. (Note: For athletes and bodybuilders, these numbers are not valid.) In the next step, you can calculate how many calories your body burns on a daily basis.

2. Calories your body needs

Current weight:
Lifestyle      :
Számolási mód:     
Testzsír (%):
BMI    :
BMR    :
Kcal burning (daily routine)    :

You BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is xx kcal. This is how much energy your body requires to support vital body functions if, hypothetically, you were resting in bed for an entire day. Your Daily Routine Kcal Burning is xx kcal. It shows how many calories you burn in a normal day. You need to add every sport separately in our main page "What did you do?" section. Last step you can set your goal!

3. Set your Goal

Start date of your plan:
Your goal date:
Your goal date is set to a past date therefore the website is not working properly. Set a new goal!
Goal weight:
Method    :
End date of your goal:
How much weight you want to lose per week?
Set your Daily Limit (kcal)
Your goal date:
Planned weekly weight-loss    :
Your Daily Limit    :
Napi keret fixálás:

According to your weight loss plan, you want to reach xx kg until xx. You want to lose xx kg per week. To achieve this, we recommend daily xx calorie intake (this is your Daily Limit, which will appear on the main page and changes after each meal and exercise, and shows the amount of calories you can eat that day).

WARNING! We recommend that you do not set your daily calorie limit to lower than 1200 kcal (for women) or 1500 kcal (for men). If you set a lower daily limit, your body can turn into a starving mode. In this state, it starts to reserve calories rather than burning them. As a result, you start to lose muscle, become frustrated and the chances of the yoyo effect are increased. The best way to lower your calorie intake is through exercising. (For example, instead of eating only 800 kcal a day, eat 1200 and burn 400 through exercising.) You must realise that long-term weight-loss can't be achieved by a quick dietary fix (the plus weight didn't come up in one month either). It is also important to understand that during your weight-loss process, your Daily Limit will slowly decrease (this is because a lower weight person needs less calories to sustain their body). If you set a strict plan in the beginning, this will only make your job harder later. You will start to feel discomfort and this can lead you to give up on your strict diet set out in the beginning. Therefore, we instead advice that you set a higher, comfortably achievable daily calorie limit; this way, you can maintain your diet comfortably through the whole course of the diet. This is an automated message irrespective of your dietary goal settings, and will appear even if you have set out a perfect diet!

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