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Anita: 33 kg weight loss in 11 months

My story goes back to the second half of 2011. Then I began to overwhelm the 63kg where it is faster, at a slower pace. It was so good that I reached 95 kg by December 2012. In vain they said earlier that I did not get any more, because I was fat too - I did not deal with it, I did not see myself so horrible. I was faced with Christmas pictures last year that I was fat, there is nothing to make of it. At that time, I was determined that this could not go on. From January 1, 2013 I started my 90 day diet. Why did I choose this? Because big weight can not be conveyed in a short time. Something had to be directed. Something that does not have a very strict rule, but it does hang in hand. There was a female forum page where I could join a diet team who made 90 days and it was a lot to start with. We supported, helped each other and talked about everything. I'd be lying if I said it was easy, it was a barbed wire. The first 2-3 weeks were difficult. Although I've always been confident (mostly carbohydrate), I've cut a drastic hussar cut. In the first week I had a cruel headache of carbohydrate withdrawal and the fact that white flour consumption was very limited (I can almost say it was out of the question). After 6 days, however, there was no lack of sweets, pie kitchens, high carbohydrate intake. Of course, this brain has to be "restored". If we really want change, we can do this as well.
You can only get rid of previous harmful eating habits. If only we want it, it will be good - it will not go.

The hardest thing was to waste the remainder. What the kid left. Or there were the remains of the favorite Kfc chicken wings! The goddamn god! I blew blood while I was throwing it ... it was also a shameful way of exposing a ragged dog ... I got used to it, I was full of energy and started enjoying diet and weight loss. I felt strong again, I am again myself and I realized that I could lose weight again, which filled me with happiness.
Strictly speaking, I spent 90 days using the carbohydrate sun tightly. Down to the end of 20 kg! I really liked it, but there were a few things I felt was not good for me.
I need almost every day protein. On the day of carnage I suffered cruelly because I was always thinking that "What else are I, what does not fatten, etc. The summer passed that I did not know how to go further What should I do How to eat?
In July, someone recommended CalorieBase and I started actively using it. The rate of weight loss had stalled by the middle of the month and I did not understand what the problem was. After the first few days of use, I realized that I was eating too little, which is one of the possible reasons for the stagnation of weight loss. With great difficulty I managed to put the daily calories in my apprenticeship for about a year. From 800 to about 1000-1200.
When I started using 77kg I was.
With the help of The Base I found out how many hidden carbohydrates or fat I have in some foods, so I've also excluded them from my diet. I came across a healthier dining experience I enjoy. I finally like to bake, cook, experiment. I do not eat cold cuts, cans, turnips, refined sugar, white rice, white flour food - just very rarely, in a party. I do not strain the main dishes but thicken with oat bran. Breaded meat can also be made from whole wheat flour in the oven. I found the marmalade, the buckwheat, my day with cinnamon stew - all the foods I completely forgot.
In oil I do not use sunflower, but extra virgin olive or coconut oil, coconut fat for cakes. Sweets and cookies do not have to be totally banished, since if someone likes them, they will miss you after a while. It can be eaten, but rarely, occasionally - if weight loss is the goal.
Many people say that low carbohydrate intake should be to lose weight because it is easier. This does not happen to everyone. If I do not run The Base, I will never get it to me, for example. the ideal value is around 130g per day. If I consume around 80g permanently, weight loss stops.

Back to weight. In January I started with 95kg, I went down to 75kg during a 90-day diet and started to commute my weight, but I tried to keep it around 77-79. With the help of the CalorieBase, I managed to get to 62 from the 77kg in the summer (with a further 2kg going to the goal, and keeping the 60s - of course using The Base).

Exercises: I decided in December last year that I'm going to train ellipsis because the joints are gentle and close to the body is not easy to move. When I started after 2 minutes I said, "Good God!" In the first 1-2 days I did 5 minutes and then I was startled: I can not be so foolish that I give up after 5 minutes! From here I wrote everything in a booklet. What I ate, how much I drank or did not move. How many calories did the machine, speed, pulse, etc. In a few days it turned out I did well. I made 10 minutes at least weekly 3x, then raised every 2-3 minutes every week. What's good is that I wrote: maybe a week later I was overwhelmed and my pulse went up to 160 and I just got sick. Suddenly I started to hurt my head, I was dizzy, I became nauseated and so on. From here, I watched how much the pulse number was no problem and I did not go over it. Somewhere I read that ellipsis trainer 30 minutes a day is recommended, so I got into it. I did this from January to October, then I "dumped" what I had to do before: 10p weightlifting and 20p gymnastics.
Initially I did the ellipse 3 times a week, and then gradually increased until I reached the 6th week. Even the summer 40 degrees did not bother me to play sports. The water was torn from me, but I did - it's only 20 minutes. What's important is liquid consumption. This is what many people like to forget, but fortunately this can be traced back to CalorieBase.

I feel a lot thanks to this surface and I am glad to have been created and maintained because if it was not, it would have been much harder to find my way and it would have been harder to develop the nutrition and shape that I find fit and ideal. Everyone has a different path to the end of their goal, but which is always important: BARY can do it, only believe in it. CalorieBase will help you to avoid getting off the road or coming back to it. I wish you great success and perseverance For everyone to reach their goals!

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