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Judit: 18 kg weight loss

I was born with lucky genetic features, and I was a pretty and relatively thin girl. I liked to sneeze, eat good, the less to move, but my body has resisted drastic gains for a long time. There is, however, no wonder-genetics. I worked hard on it, sooner or later the weight gain. At the end of high school I was at the "peak" with 54 pounds, then I was 30 pounds with lots of pizzas and pork, later I was 15 pounds, until I finally moved to England, where local cuisine helped "reach" by plus 18 until half a year under. At this point I could not help but realize how much I became, all the clothes were tight, I always felt uncomfortable, I hated shooting and began to think that there is no way back, I will grow fater and thicker until I get a gurantee shape.
Over the years, I have tried all sorts of fashionable slimming tips, cabbage soup, virgin tea, strawberry, etc. as I sometimes resorted to sports, but these experiments with a bachelor's duration have brought a maximum instantaneous result. Finally, I came to the problem of dealing with this non-campaign-like marvels and approaching "scientifically". The fattening that goes in and how much goes, ergo will help if less goes. But how much is it? I searched, counted how much calories, I noticed, planned for a few days, what and how much I would eat on that basis. Then I remembered, okay, how little, but how much should I eat? That's when the Base came to me. From here I had a lot easier business, I did not have to hunt each and every stock one by one, a ready system waiting. I set my target, read what it was, started to add my recipes, talk to forum members, and a week later - two kilos harder ... Fortunately, I continued, hoping this was just an anomaly and it proved to be. Just a week later I was as much again as I was in the beginning, and from there it was less than a pound a week. I did not have as much help as I found on the board today, but I'm lucky and sober, so I followed pretty much what we would suggest today to a beginner: we eat the calories around our BMR and they'll get pounds down. Only to the end of weight loss I managed to get somewhat under that, because I did not know that this was not good. It was ten pounds later that was a bit of a break, but then everything went back like a joke, and 16 pounds went between May and November. Not suffering, not clothed. Of course, he had to say 90% of the nudity, but seeing how many calories he had in a bag of chips did not attract too much ... But I ate delicious, learned to cook calories, use better ingredients, eat more consciousness. I felt good, again pretty, just two kilos to the goal.
Of course, he would have liked to do sports, so I could have achieved even better results, but I do not really know - or want - to overcome my innate laziness. There was no movement on the palette at all, except for one day a week when I made huge shopping circles, walking around with a backpack for 5-8 hours.
Then came a Hungarian intermezzo for a few months, looking for new jobs, new love, old friends, old habits. At first I was trying to insist on mating and watching, but soon I gave up, I set aside, and then we will deal again ... And if we do not measure it, then only a little bit of it can fit a little, exceptionally. For a couple of months, the pounds returned slowly, and in a year there were ten. At this point I began to recalculate, keeping the calories strictly above BMR. Weight loss was also started, but it was mournfully slow. The previous half pounds / week, instead of sections, were long when nothing was done, then it was small, a few days later, then half again, again nothing again ... On average, 25 deks a week went down, but I felt less due to many fluctuations. I do not know what really meant the difference compared to the previous one, but I knew the method worked, I had time, I was persuaded and hooked up as much as I could. It was not easy with this snail bull, but either it is, or I give it to weight, so I kept myself for months, months and months.
I started to move a little, I get stuck a few times a week on a paddle, a running and a treadmill. That's enough for me, but I can expect to keep that extra pounds out.
About 10 months later I'm 54 kilos again. My height was as high as I was at 18, my hips were even smaller. Of course, my sporty stuff did not, there is still a small fat pillow here, a small one there. But if you do not sport, do not wait any longer. The muscle does not grow in the diet.
I do not intend to stop counting again, so I feel the easiest way to stay as long as I feel good. This does not mean that it does not make some effort, but much less than a continuous yogurt if it came again ideally and then panic. From learning from previous experience, I always think I always eat, I spend about five minutes a day for measurement, planning, and I say no to nipple as small clothes.
For a week now, "I hold my weight," I slowly raise my calories to find the amount that I have left to achieve. All in numbers meant that I lost a total of 18 pounds, 9 cm in breast augmentation, 17 in waist, 16 in hips and 2 in size. For a long time, I only measured these, for example. I can not figure out the shape of my head, but I think the pictures speak for themselves ...
Everyone has a lot of success who wants to lose weight, and as a counsel to be able to set the target wisely, ask for help on the board, read it, learn how it works and be patient.

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