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Terms and Conditions


1. Content of the Terms of Use

This document contains the terms and conditions of use of the content and services provided on the and web site (hereinafter:

2. Parties concerned

User: The user of the website is considered a user and anyone who uses any of the services provided by, http: //www.kalóriabá and website available at the Internet.

3. Modification of Terms of Use reserves the right to update, revise, supplement and otherwise unilaterally update these Terms of Use at any time, on an unlimited basis at any time, and introduce new or additional rules, policies or terms on the website and about the use of the services provided by the website. Updates, revisions, additions, modifications, and additional rules, policies, and terms will come into effect immediately and form an integral part of the Terms of Use. User's obligation to review any modification of Terms of Use from time to time. If you continue to make use of the Website and any of the services provided by the Web site after the changes are made, this means that you accept the changes and agree with them.

4. Modification and termination of services continuously improves and modifies its services. Services can be expanded with new features or opportunities, but some features and / or options may be added. functions may also disappear. reserves the right to terminate the provision of services to Users at any time, or to introduce or create new restrictions for services at any time.

If a service and / or option or function is terminated and can be solved reasonably, then such Users will receive a warning in due time to allow the User to save the data, information and content they own. A service and / or option, In the event of termination of a service, the User's responsibility is to save the data, information and content that he or she owns.

5. Exclusion of liability

At the same time, the User accepts these Terms of Use.
The Site may be used by any User solely at its sole discretion.

All that appears on is considered a proposal only. These suggestions do not replace the advice, diagnosis or any prescribed treatment of an expert physician. Ask a dietitian for a dietetic diet! is not responsible for material and non-material damages resulting from the loss of business and / or private information resulting from the use and / or limitation and / or termination of the services. is not responsible for the accuracy, reliability, completeness and / or accuracy of the software and / or services that can be used on the website, the accuracy, reliability, faultlessness, completeness, suitability for the particular purpose and the use of these indirect and / material and non-material damage arising from its use.
In the case of ingredients and recipes, the exact composition and caloric content are not guaranteed, therefore assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or trueness of these data. is also not responsible for any errors or omissions caused by reasons beyond its control (including but not limited to: the Internet service provider and / or the hosting service provider and / or the technical network failures or omissions). does not guarantee that access to web pages will be continuous and / or error free. The access to, or the direct or indirect use of, the information, content, documentation or other written materials available on the website, the unsuitable state of the site or any damages and / or losses resulting from improper operation, deficiencies, malfunctions or misunderstandings is specifically excluded by does not take any responsibility for the information, content, products and services provided on the website, in particular information, content, products and services obtained from third parties. does not accept any liability for damages to your computer or any other aspect of the use of this site. excludes all liability arising from indirect or direct use of the services of the Web site. excludes any liability arising out of the use or downloading of any software provided by or its incompatibility with any software running on your computer or any Internet virus.

6. Maintenance of the service has the right to pause the service without any prior notice or notification to maintain the web page. The User acknowledges that continuous operation and in exceptional cases, despite the prior knowledge and intent of, may be interrupted. In such case, will do its utmost to ensure that the service is retrieved as soon as possible, but does not provide a time guarantee for recovery. The User is aware that on the Internet the transfer of data and its speed depend on many factors. will do its utmost to provide quick data exchange, but does not warrant the delay or loss of information.

7. Web page security

The User may not harm or attempt to violate the safety of the website. The User may not attempt to investigate, test and test the vulnerability of the website. The User may not attempt to access information that is not authorized by him. The User may not interfere with the operation of the Website, including, but not limited to, the location of a virus on the Website, Overloading Your Website, flooding letters, crashing, sending unwanted emails, including propagating and / or advertising your products or services.

You agree not to use any device, software or method to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the proper functioning of the website or any activity on the web site.

8. The User's Responsibility

During the use of service, the User is solely responsible for any material or non-material damages and damages caused by the User's activities or the User's behavior.

In the event that any third party or any authority or court has any claim or action against the web site as a result of, or in connection with, the User's conduct, the User is obliged to take all measures required by the web site to comply with them. The User is required to reimburse the website for any damage, property damage or costs that may result from the web site due to or in connection with any unlawful conduct of the User or in violation of the Terms of Use.

The User's liability for the infringement in connection with the use of the service also exists after the registration is terminated.

9. Terms and conditions of use of the forum and consequences of violations

It is forbidden to register a very similar name with an existing user name with a new name that is suitable for misleading other users or for discrediting the "alterego". It is also forbidden to choose a username that violates other privacy rights or contains vulgar, uncultured, racial, religious, political or other words / words that may be distinctive. In such a case is entitled to exclude the User from using this site.

The forum does not allow the use of personality, the use of obscene and vulgar words, the use of racial, national, religious, gender, political and other forms of discrimination and prejudice. Such posts will be deleted without any warning.

It is strictly forbidden to report any illegal activity that is subject to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Hungary, to make a violation of law, or to link or link to such images, websites, or to refer to them. In such case, the User will be banned with immediate effect.

It is forbidden to post any open or covert advertising post in the forum and it is forbidden to post the same post more than once. Such comments will be deleted without warning.

The user waives the copyright of this post by post, and you will not be able to use any material or other claim for the contents of the written opinion. does not accept responsibility for the content and credibility of the comments posted to the forum. As a result, can not be held liable for any damages resulting from incorrect information provided on the forum.

It is forbidden to read the posts on the board without permission, whether in electronic or printed form, whatever text or image information. reserves the right to limit the use of the forum or to terminate the forum if its interests so require. reserves the right to change the rules of the forum without prior notice.

10. Consequence of violation of Terms of Use

The services provided by the website are only available under the laws in force, without prejudice to the rights of third parties and the website, or in compliance with these Terms of Use. If a User violates the Terms and Conditions of and / or violates the law and / or misuses the services of, has the right to suspend and terminate the User's access rights, collected, disclosed or made available, and without prior notice, content deleted.

If becomes aware that, in the course of its Services, the User has placed unlawful information and content on the Website, it shall act in accordance with the applicable legal requirements for the removal or non-access to the information, including prior publication of the contents of the website without notice, or deletion.

11. Privacy Policy

Your contact information (user name, e-mail address) during the use of the service will not be redirected to for a third party. Additional information (meals, sports, weight, and other data) can be used solely in AGGREGATED CALCULATIONS for's use of its own service, for statistical purposes (calculation of total calories, summary of daily calories consumed). INDIVIDUAL USER ACTIVITY is handled by with a high level of discretion and is not passed on to third parties! Users can use their own meals, drinks and recipes in a separate database, but reserves the right to copy data from recipes for recipes, drinks and recipes to their own use.
Foods, beverages and recipes in the database, where the source is not marked separately, are collected from their own collection, their direct copying is illegal, so their use on other sites is possible only with the prior permission of the operator.

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