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György: 23 kg weight loss in two and a half months

I've been struggling with overweight, high blood pressure and hypertension so I often had to go to a doctor. I had to do 24 hours of blood pressure every six months, and last but not least I did not like the girls, so I decided to do my best to start calculating the calories of my meals I went to gym (30 minutes of running 1.5 hours of mixed exercises) and after the first month things were visible. The calorie count was strange for the first time, but now I'm in. I can only recommend anyone to lose weight. Unfortunately, due to the many activities, I can no longer walk in the gym, but with the help of the diet I still keep my weight and I can still lose weight.
On June 20, 2013, I started with 105 kg.
By August 31, 2013, I managed to lose weight to 82 kg.
I'm happy to finally find a way to do it. Thank you CalorieBase!
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